Tangled vs. Frozen

Which is better quality, Frozen or Tangled?

Well, a large amount of people believe Tangled is better quality. Why do they think that? Because more effort was put into Tangled’s animations. And the plot is structurally perfect. All the characters have tidy story arcs, resolved without any plotholes.

These people seem to define quality as a list of rules; the more rules checked off, the better the quality.

I define quality differently. To me, quality is the strength of emotions that a story invokes. People don’t go to movies just to see pretty images on screen. They go to the movies to have a powerful emotional experience. Pretty images are just a bonus.

So is Tangled better quality than Frozen? Let’s start with a look at each movies first scene.

How did Tangled begin? With a man’s voice happily declaring, ‘This is the story of how I died’. A few people laughed. Most were intrigued.

And Frozen? The first thing viewers saw was a beautiful image of ice, suddenly disrupted by a saw bursting through the screen.

People jumped in their seats. Some yelped. Then, of course, they realized what had happened, and smiled in relief, or giggled nervously.

Strong emotion often shows physically. Tangled’s opening resulted in two physical symptoms—quiet laughter and smiles.

Frozen’s opening resulted in three; flinching with shock, then smiles, and, for some, laughter.

Three against two—Frozen wins.

There is one thing even lovers of Tangled will admit. Frozen has much better music.

Why is this important? Because music speaks directly to the brain, and, by extension, the heart. Music can move people to tears, calm panic attacks, and sooth people in pain.

How much emotion did you feel during ‘Mother Knows Best’? And how much, by comparison, did you fell during ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’? Which one evoked more memories?

I believe the majority of people would answer the last question with ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’.

Last time I checked, ‘Let It Go’ had received more than half a billion views on Youtube. How many covers does that song have? I was able to find one for the harp, the flute, the violin, the piano, the guitar, the ukelele and even Minecraft Noteblocks. ‘Let It Go’ may well have doubled Frozen’s quality.

Only one of Tangled’s song ‘At Last I See the Light’ has received widespread attention.

Frozen may have lacked animations as pretty as Tangled’s, but it invoked more emotion, and reached people on a much deeper level.

The way I see it, that makes Frozen better quality, even if it does ignore a few rules. There is no denying Tangled is awesome, but in my opinion, Frozen is better.